We are Off Grid Coffee Roasters, suppliers of small batch, bespoke coffee. 

We are a husband/wife team - just regular people who happen to love coffee. We really love trying new coffees from around the world and we enjoy roasting and sharing them with you. We got into roasting, not because it is cool, but because of our obsession with good coffee.

Located in the Macedon Ranges, off the Melbourne grid, we are dedicated to roasting fresh, hand crafted coffee.  Our roasting facility is off-grid and powered by a solar charged battery bank.

Remembering back to that first amazing coffee experience when we discovered that coffee can have distinct flavours and need not just taste like ‘roasted coffee’. 

We were drinking an Ethiopian that had the most incredible blackcurrant aroma and brightness to it. This totally changed our perspective on what coffee can and should taste like.

From this eye opening experience, we developed a simple goal:

To roast our coffee so that you can taste the farm, not the roast.

 Off Grid Coffee Roastery

We source speciality grade coffee that can be traced back to the farmer or co-operative where it was processed. When deciding on coffee to buy, we look at the sustainability practices of the farm; are they recycling the water? Growing shade trees? Using organic mulch from the by-products of the coffee processing? 

We try to buy coffee from all regions of the world, and are discovering the many, varied characteristics that coffee can have. So many different flavour profiles to be experienced.

And, importantly for us, we roast OFF GRID.

Our roastery is powered by a battery bank that is charged from solar panels. First step is to collect that free energy produced by the sun. The control panel is responsible for conversion of the suns energy into a form that can be stored in the battery bank, then converted to be used by the roastery. And the monitor shows how much energy there is available in the batteries at any given time.